These are debates held by various Gospel preachers in the church of Christ to defend the truth. We invite you to consider these debates and study the scriptures yourself. If you have any specific questions or comments, please contact us at

Baptist Debate

Brown - Cook Debate

Debate Propositions

1. Resolve: "The Bible teaches that water baptism is essential to the salvation of the sinner."
David Brown affirms; Gene Cook, Jr. denies

2. Resolve: "The sinner is saved, before and without water baptism."
Gene Cook, Jr. affirms; David Brown denies.

Catholic Debate

Brown - Callam Debate

Debate Propositions

1. Resolve: "The New Testament is the exclusive authority in the Christian religion."
David P. Brown, Affirms. Daniel Callam, Denies.

2. Resolve: "The Bible and tradition, as defined by the Roman Catholic Church, constitute the authority in the Christian religion."
Daniel Callam, Affirms. David P. Brown, Denies.

Protestant Debate

Woods - Hicks Debate

Debate Propositions

1. Resolve: "The scriptures teach that the Godhead is one person Jesus Christ and not three and that water baptism must be administered only in the name of Jesus Christ."
Affirms: Marvin A. Hicks. Denies: Guy N. Woods

2. Resolve: "The scriptures teach that Holy Sprit baptism with the signs of miracles performed by Christ and the apostles ceased with the apostolic age or by the time the complete will of God was revealed and confirmed."
Affirms: Guy N. Woods Denies: Marvin A. Hicks.

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